Arctik Model

This is the foremost model of the 6- and 3-pack series. It has been designed to hold the aquaria water down to very low temperatures (3°C, at a room temperature of 20°C) and incorporates all of the characteristics of the models as described above.  These top of the line aquaria are ideal for rearing cold water invertebrates, juveniles of salmonids, gasterosteidae (sticklebacks) etc..  The Arctik Model also incorporates the following features :

Integrated lighting! — Totally waterproofed (embedded in epoxy resin) light emitting diodes (LED's) are built directly into the lid of each aquarium.
Should you wish to simulate dawn and dusk in any of your aquaria we can connect the LED lighting circuit with one of our automatic rheostat modules (MRA) plus a timer. If you choose the SunMatch system, any photoperiodic period, circadian and annual can be simulated for the whole unit.

Superior Energy Efficiency — In order to save energy and reduce condensation, the front window is constructed from thermos type energy-reduction glass, while the double-walled polystyrene insulated lid is made of molded plastic.




specifications for the arctik model

Temperature variation From 3°C to 30°C (± 0.1°C); ambient temp. 20°C

Thermal control units

Thermoelectric module with titanium heat exchanger for each aquarium. Cooling and reheating of the water. Central metal heat removal (fan) situated on the top shelf of the unit. (Sensitive to salty and humid atmosphere, the fan can be installed in an adjacent room).
Efficacy of the lid and front window insulation The lid is made of molded Fiberglas double-walled with polystyrene insulation.  The front window is constructed from thermos type energy-reduction glass (2 cm thick).
Light Source Diode type lights (LED) are embedded in the lid.
Number of LEDs embedded in the lid per aquarium
9 diodes (12 volts DC)
18 diodes (12 volts DC)
Photoperiodic control Not included.  An automatic rheostat module (MRA) with a timer, or the SunMatch, an astral photoperiod controller, can be connected to the diodes. 
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