About Us

AQUABIOTECH INC.’s aquabioLab division custom designs highly specialised equipment for aquatic and marine laboratories for more than 15 years.

Biologists themselves, with a background in aquatic or environmental research at the Ph.D. level plus hands-on in intensive aquaculture, the founders Tony Pouliot and Hélène Drouin, are fully acquainted with the significance and constraints of doing research in wet labs.

With mechanical engineer, aquaculture and electronic technicians on staff, the field of expertise and competence of the company is truly complementary.

Main activities

Fabrication and installation of custom-designed freshwater & marine habitats for aquatic facilities

Fields of expertise

  • Wet lab design
  • Microbiology (biofiltration and nitrification)
  • Freshwater and marine biofilter activation
  • Fish nutrition and physiology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Removal of suspended solids
  • Chilling systems, heat exchangers
  • Gas control
  • Custom design of aquaculture research systems
  • Design and operation of highly recirc aquaculture systems
  • Electronics
  • Programming

Strong points and advantages

  • We guarantee high quality of water in our water recirculation systems;
  • Our fish rearing tanks incorporate a Feacal Trap that removes at least 80% of solids in a concentrated form ;
  • Simulation of ammonia and CO2 production, oxygen consumption and CO2 degassing in all our closed systems;
  • Proven biotechnology for coating biofilters with active nitrifying bacteria. Our biofilters are delivered pre-activated with freshwater or marine nitrifying bacteria;
  • AQUABIOTECH has grown 1 to 6 tons Atlantic salmon smolts for over 6 years in Pilot hatchery with only 10 to 20% of the water volume renewed per day for constant evaluation and improvement of its closed system's technology;
  • AQUABIOTECH factory tests its systems for hydraulic stability and specifications before delivery;
  • A team of professionals with long practical experience in aquaculture that offers excellent after-sale service;
  • Industry experience with long-term holding of lobster;
  • State-of-the-art electronic equipment for the environmental control and monitoring of aquatic and marine facilities;


  • 10,000 pi2 of building for workshop, laboratory for physico-chemical analysis; pilot testing, administration, electronic laboratory.