Flume systems

Your fishes are able to experience different flow velocities :

  • The water flow velocity (cm/s) is precisely adjustable.

  • The portion of the channel under observation is supplied by a stream of water under linear flow.

  • The components of each river and their structural components are entirely resistant to seawater (Fiberglass, plastic and/or Plexiglas construction).

Three models are currently available.

They have been fully tested and standardized, thus allowing you to commence experimentation immediately and with confidence. Each River Model is furnished with a series of options which enable you to tailor the chosen system to your needs. For example, depending on which model you choose, the swimming lanes may be operated in open, semi-open and / or closed mode (flow of water recycled 99.9%).

Artificial river
This unit is 16 in length with a water flow rate between 5 and 40 cm per second.

Dual Channel
Design allows for the duplicate study of the effects of flow and temperature on small aquatic organisms (0.1 10 cm per second).

Annular Flume
An innovative concept: water velocity is uniform throughout the entire channel, and factory-adjustable to your preferences.

More than simple technology, performance is guaranteed!

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