Incubation units

Aquabiolab designs and manufactures high quality life support systems designed for research with small-bodied marine life in a totally controlled environment.

Incubation units enable control of the incubation period by modulating the temperature and protect the eggs from accidental temperature variations and interruptions.

Operating in a closed circuit, the system requires very litle make-up water. This unit is composed of a physical and biological filtration module, a thermal monitron and incubators.


CCAC Guideline

'' The incubation units must be self cleaning or must include equipment that eneables a regular cleaning. Retention of detritus in the the units will favor bacteria, protozoaires and toxic mushroom profileration. It will also rarefy oxygen.''

CCAC guidelines for car of fish in reaserch june 2003

Guideline 7

Aquatic facilities are complex systems that must be well designed to minimize stress to the fishes, promote efficient operation of the facility, and ensure a safe working environment for personnel.

p. 21

Advantages and Benefits

Versatility and flexibility!

  • The system can be intergrated with mutiple types of incubators, such as column incubators, plate and basket iuncubators;

Have full control over your water parameters! Easy water management!

  • The Enviro-Monitron will enable precise control of temperature (± 0.1°C) and other parameters such as DO, pH, salinity, water make-up and more;
  • The units eneable the users to ajust the water-make up to a maximum of 10 per hour. Each incubator is also equiped with valves and tubbing to manage water entry into the system;
  • The Enviro-Monitron also offers the possibility to manage water recirculation percentage. From 0 to 99% per day by controlling the water make-up intake;

Prophylactic traitement made easy!

  • A water reservoir is incoporated into the hydrolic system to quickly replace evacuated water while prophylactic treatements are being conducted;
  • The potentially toxic agents such as fromol, chloramine and more are eliminated without causing a thermal shock to the eggs;


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