The Multi-Temperature Unit (6-pack) is an innovative marine research system designed to run water temperature oriented experiments with small bodied fish or invertebrates. With the Six-Pack the effect of up to six different cold or warm water temperatures can be tested simultaneously!

Exemple of a multi-temperature test (1 replicate):




The 6-pack is composed of a set of six aquariums with independently filtered, cooled and re-heated water.

With this time and space saving research tool tests in nutrition, ecophysiology, larval rearing, reproduction, clinical trials and more, become easy.

CCAC Guideline

Guideline 35

Water quality must be monitored and maintained within acceptable parameters for the species being held.

Section 3.1 Management of water quality, p. 33


Guideline 20

Aquatic environments should be designed to meet the established physical and behavioural requirements of the fishes in terms of shelter, social grouping, overhead cover and lighting. Section 5.1 Fish well-being, p. 28

Advantages and Benefits

Work with a high quality and industrial grade unit

  • Fabricated of moulded fiberglass, each unit comprises either six aquaria of 30 litres or 3 aquaria of 60 litres capacity;
  • This robust unit can ensure stability and continuous precise monitoring;
  • Each aquarium incorporates its own filtration, aeration and water chiller/heater unit, and is able to operate in fresh, brackish, and salt water;
  • All systems are mounted on a high-strength fiberglass and plastic stand with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection;
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Easy to use and monitor

  • The water temperature in each aquarium is controlled independently. The Thermo-Monitron electronic controller ensures that the water temperature will remain exceptionally stable (± 0.1°C), despite fluctuations in the ambient air temperature;
  • The Monitron Network allows the operator to follow 6-Pack water parameters via the Internet and to receive detailed alarms on an electronic pager. Setting up a RF network is simple and very economical;
  • Wireless network communiation — By means of its radio-frequency module, Thermo-Monitron can be integrated into the laboratory Monitron network;


Economical, It saves you time, money, water, and space!

  • Energy Saving – The walls of the aquaria are insulated. This saves energy and reduces condensation.;
  • Very compact, the 6 Pack-Unit requires very littlle floor space, 2ft X4ft;
  • Ease of water management — Designed for closed-circuit operation, as many as five water exchanges of recycled water output can be obtained per hour to create a gentle current as required by some species;


Low maintenance

  • The bottoms of the aquaria are self-cleaning. They enable highly superior water treatment;
  • Six-stage water filtration allows for enhanced water purity;
  • The incorporated Aqua-type Water-Reuse-with-Biofiltration Module (REBFTM) allows for the automatic recovery of excreta from the bottom of the aquarium, combined with pressure filtration, for the removal of particulates in suspension.
  • The oxidation of ammonia nitrogen and partial removal of nitrates;
  • The system skimmers off lipids at the surface and proteins by air-water emulsion, as well as degassing water to reduce CO2 accumulation;

Security and flexibility

  • All electrical appliances operate at 12VDC. Two transformers of 115VAC-12 VDCare provided. The ground are made of titanium;
  • Controlling and Monitoring water physico-chemical parameters — The standard Thermo-Monitron™ model also enables to monitor and control other key water parameters such as, dissolved oxygen, pH and salinity in each unit. These data can be automatically transferred to our hub by means of a wireless connection.