Tide simulator system

A unit of four aquaria capable of replicating simultaneously all the characteristics of two independent tides (low water, high water, ebb and flow and number of successive tide cycles).

AquabioLab custom builds high quality life support systems for doing research in a totally controlled environment.

Tide Simulator aquaria are twinned such that one serves to produce the inverse of the other (so that when aquarium #1 is at high water, aquarium #2 is at low water).    



Low Water (abbreviation LW):
Lowest level of water attained by the sea in a cycle of tides;

The time which separates a high tide from its following low tide;

Tide Range:
The difference in elevation between consecutive high and low tides in one place. Also called tidal range;

Duration of Ebb:
The difference in elevation between high water and the low water which follows it;

High Water (abbreviation HW):
The highest elevation attained by the sea during one cycle of tides;



Advantages and Benefits

A powerfull research tool !

  • The user can simulate a tide whose characteristics can change according to time. The tides (low water, range of tide, duration of flood or ebb, high water) are simulated through micro-pumps, whose operation (the magnitude, duration and rates) are programmable and variable;

  • The simulated tidal flow describes a sine curve, as in real life.  A maximum ebb of 20 cm (± 5 mm) is generally obtained. Greater tidal ranges (for example, a difference of 50 cm in elevation) are also possible.

  • User can adjust the tidal range;

  • Designed for marine closed circuit operation, with full control over water temperature;

  • as many as five water exchanges of recycled water output can be obtained per hour in each aquarium, to create a gentle current as required by some species;

Fully integrated and flexible system!

  • Our new AquabioLab Tide Simulator can be of 30 or 60 liters capacity, according to requirements;
  • Each aquarium functions independently, with its own filtration, aeration and temperature control systems;
  • The aquariums share a common infrastructure that includes a fibreglass shelf, heat extractor and photoperiodic control;
  • Each aquarium is furnished with piping and valves to allow a pre-set flow of make-up water and air.
  • The aquariums have been constructed for either fresh or salt water use;
  • Photoperiod control is integrated:  light emmitting diodes (LED) inserted within the lid of each aquarium can modulate light intensity, recreating dawn and dusk, and circadian rythms;

High quality and innovative equipment

  • This robust unit can ensure stability and continuous precise monitoring;
  • All systems are mounted on a high-strength fiberglass and plastic stands with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection;
    Learn more about Microban technology

Work with high quality water with our 6 stages water filtration system!

  • The Tide units enable a water treatment far superior to most filtration systems used for leisure purposes;
  • The incorporated Aquabiotech Water Reuse with Biofiltration Module (REBF) combines the recovery of feces from the bottom of the aquarium with skimming of the surface, as well as pressure filtration for the removal of fine particles;
  • The process includes nitrification/de-nitrification, foam fractionation, CO2, degassing, reduction of particulates down to 20 µm, micro-filtration through activated carbon, and the neutralization of acidity through a porous calcium substrate;
  • The filtration unit is very compact and easy to service.


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