Aquabiolab designs and manufactures high quality fully recirculating life support sysems designted for research with small-bodied marine life in a totally controlled environment.

Each wet table system is unique and made to your specifications. High quality and extremely flexible.

CCAC Guideline

Guideline 19

An adequate water supply of suitable quality should be provided for the fish at all times. p. 27

Guideline 7

Aquatic facilities are complex systems that must be well designed to minimize stress to the fishes, promote efficient operation of the facility, and ensure a safe working environment for personnel. p. 21

Advantages and Benefits

Quality, performance and flexibility! We design and manufacture the system for your needs!

These custom-made and high quality wet tables are long-lasting & easy to clean.

Flexibility in design, focusing on your needs!

  • Great space and flexibility for experimentations;
  • Many type of flat tables to choose from depending on your needs;
  • Many types of injectors available;
  • Great flexibility in designing the systems;

High quality and innovative equipment

  • Unique REBF water filtration module;
  • Custom raceway;
  • Chilling or heating system;
  • The necessary self cleaning tanks;
  • All systems are mounted on a high-strength fiberglass and plastic stands with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection;
  • Stands are seawater and mold resistant and CDN NSA-approved for direct contact with food;

Learn more about Microban technology

Standard feature for custom units

  • Low maintenance
  • Precision and quality filtration
  • Innovative filtration technology
  • 100% tested before shipping
  • No downtime in set-up


Aquabiolab's equipment comes with an equivalent highly professional service.

Customer oriented, our sales team is dedicated to walk you through each step in designing the right system for your needs.

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