aquabioLab research systems for specific applications

AquabioLabMT offers researchers and students a complete line of safe and adaptable equipment for doing exerimentation on marine life. This division of AQUABIOTECH INC. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art turnkey aquatic habitats for more than 15 years.


When flexibility and reliability really count, aquabioLab's innovative solutions combined with highly customisable possibilities are shure to meet your exact demands everytime.

As we are strongly customer oriented, we offer guidance in optimizing the best equipment mix, keeping in mind animal wellbeing, flexibility, reproducibility and maintenance.

By configuring your laboratory with us, you will not only obtain equipment that will fit you're needs exactly, but it will also be manufactured in accordance with the CCAC and the AALAS standards.


With AQUABIOTECH's laboratory design services and aquabioLab's line of state-of-the-art equipment you can better concentrate on what is truly important: your research! 


Wet lab users, take advantage of our free quote preparation service to facilitate access to government research founding.


Hélène Drouin, Biologist


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