Arctik Model

The Mesotherm Model is ideal for studies involving temperate fresh-water invertebrates, such as ypriniforms (fathead minnow, goldfish), perciforms, and esociforms.

This is a more economical model which, however, is capable of cooling each aquarium independently. Nevertheless, the insulating properties of the cover and of the ½” Plexiglas front window are not of the same order as those of the Arctik Model. The lowest temperature obtainable in the Mesotherm Model is about 15°C (room temperature at 20°C). If the ambient temperature can be reduced, lower temperatures can be obtained. The incorporation of a Thermo-Monitron electronic controller in Mesotherm aquaria ensures that water temperature control is extremely precise (± 0.1°C).  Probes for salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, or ORP can also be connected. The same Arctik Model ‘high-end’ six-step filtration system is incorporated in the Mesotherm Model.

As the lid has no integral illumination, the photoperiodic function is not available. Nonetheless, the photoperiods can be reproduced by means of a SunMatch system or an MRA in the aquaria room.


specifications for the arctik model

Temperature variation From 15°C to 30°C (± 0.1°C); ambient temp. 20°C

Thermal control units

Thermoelectric module with titanium heat exchanger for each aquarium. Cooling and reheating of the water. Central metal heat removal (fan) situated on the top shelf of the unit. (Sensitive to salty and humid atmosphere, the fan can be installed in an adjacent room).
Lid and front window The lid is made of translucid Lexan plastic ¼", non insulated.  The front window is ½" Plexiglas.   Walls are insulated.
LEDs embedded in the lid NON INCLUDED
Photoperiodic control NON INCLUDED.  An automatic rheostat module (MRA) with a timer, or the SunMatch, an astral photoperiod controller, can be connected to the diodes. 
Thermo-Monitron® Standard Model

Tropik Model