multi-channel flumes

Arctik Model

A set for 8 swimming channels

Multi-channel flumes
Figure 1 :  Front section with view of Flow-Monitrons

Water velocity:

  1. Controlled independently in each flume 
  2. Laminar flow over a 60 cm long section
  3. Range :  0.15 to 10 cm per sec
  4. Precision : 
      • 0.15 to 0.99 cm/sec: ±0.01 cm/sec ;
      • 1 to 10 cm/sec : ±0.1 cm/sec

Four Eco-type REBF (water recycling with biofiltration) are included, one common water recycling circuit for 2 flumes. 

Laminar flow

Figure 2 :  Laminar flow section (60 cm)


Eco-type REBF (water recycling with biofiltration) modules are for ecology-type studies (low fish density).  This represent a maximum of 15 kg fish/m3 fed with 2% body weight with a commercial dry diet.  This corresponds to approximately100 g of fish/channel.  The biofilter is pre-activated with a choice from active seawater or freshwater nitrifying bacteria.

Working volume per flume (portion where flow is laminar) :  7.2 litres.
eight motors

Water temperature range is: 5-30°C at ambient temperature (20°C).  Water is chilled and warmed by two thermoelectric modules (Pelletier Effect) per set of two channels.

Figure 3 :  View of  the 8 motors that create the water current, biofilters and thermoelectric modules