Institution: Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences UPEI AVC Lobster Science Centre University of Prince Edward Island
Location: Charlottetown, PEI, CANADA
Contact: Dr. Rick Cawthorn
Habitat: Saltwater
Unit description:
  • 25 removable self-cleaning polycarbonate tanks (9L operating volume);
  • Tanks are located on one seven-decked stand (2.20 m H x 1.52 m L x 0.46m W), 5 tanks per shelf on 5 shelves;
  • Tank outlet and drainage pipes are incorporated into the flow system and sized to accommodate a maximum flow rate per tank of 2000 ml/min (13 water exchanges/hour).
  • Lids are transparent polycarbonate sliding lids whose long sides wrap around the edge of the tank to prevent condensed freshwater to drip into the tanks;
  • System can be dismantled for the cleaning of waterways.
  • AquaNit Trickling Biofilter activated before delivery with active saltwater nitrifying bacteria;
  • 0 to 100 % recirculated water;
  • 100% water flow to lobsters is filtered to 20 µm; 35-50% to 1 µm (nominal) on a separate loop;
  • Quiet drive saltwater resistant pump
  • Water temperature ranges from 25°C to 2°C (18°C ambient temperature, closed system operation).
  • The frame is insulated with panels on the side and rear and clear plexiglas strips on the front, easily removable when better access is required;
  • Up to 100% water make-up per day; Water chilled with a air –cooled chiller and a titanium heat exchanger Includes a titanium water heater, 1000 W to reach 25-30°C
  • Degassing column (air intake included) for CO2 removing;
  • The high-strength fibreglass and plastic stands are seawater and mold resistant and NSA-approved for direct contact with food;
  • Electronic controller and monitoring system (Enviro-monitron) with:
    • 1 temperature probe,
    • 1 flow detector,
    • 1 peristaltic pump for the control of percentage of water make-up per day;
  • One pressurised counter-current oxygen saturator;
  • 1 Security package:
    • 1 pressure relief valve,
    • electrical components (pump starter, temperature controller) are housed in NEMA-4 boxes;
Mandate: Conception, fabrication

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