Institution: University of New Brunswick
Institute of Coastal Marine Science
Centre for Environmental and Molecular Algal Research
Location: Saint-John, New-Brunswick, CANADA
Contact: Dr. Thierry Chopin
Habitat: Saltwater
Type of rearing unit: Twenty 300-L acrylic tanks on movable fibreglass frame for the cultivation of Laminaria saccharina sporophytes
Unit description:
  • 2 x 300 L hand-made aquariums in 3/4" acrylic;
  • Each aquariums: 122 cm width x 61 cm H x 43 cm depth;
  • Each aquarium floor will bore a hole for draining;
  • Acrylic will be poured on the bottom of each tank to create a gentle slope towards the center of the tank;
  • Each aquarium will be set on an anti-corrosion fibreglass frame;
  • No recirculation.
  • No temperature control.
Mandate: Conception, Fabrication

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