Institution: University of New-Brunswick in Saint-John
Location: Saint-John, New-Brunswick, CANADA
Contact: Dr. Heather HUNT
Habitat: Saltwater
Type of rearing unit: Flume for marine ecology studies with velocity control & monitoring
Unit description:
  • Cast ½" acrylic flume;
  • Volume of 1830 litres (50 cm H x 732 cm L x 50 cm l );
  • Sediment box (40 cm L x 15 cm H);
  • Polyethylene return pipe and elbow (40 cm diameter);
  • Water current within flume is driven by one variable speed electric drive 1 HP motor with speed controller, shaft and propeller;
  • Water speed: 5 to 50 cm/s;
  • Air-cooled chiller controlled by electronic thermostat (+0.6°C).
Mandate: Conception
On-site assembling, commissioning and training

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