Institution: BIM Inshore Fisheries Development
Location: Galway, IRLAND
Contact: Mr. Oliver Tully
Habitat: Saltwater
Type of rearing unit: A 1 to 1.6-ton capacity aquaBiota Habitat for mid to long-term contention of shellfish
Unit description:
  • REBF Module for approximately 1 to 1.6 ton holding capacity;
  • Biofiltration media positively charged with high affinity for attracting gram-ve bacteria such as nitrifyers.
  • Biofilter self-cleaning and pre-activated with sea-water nitrifying bacteria to considerably reduce maturation time;
  • 99% recirculated water;
  • Organic matter filtration through pressurised rapid sand filtration.
  • Fine SS and dissolved organics are removed through a foam fractionator.
  • Degassing column (air intake included) for CO2 removing;
  • Chilling system to bring temperature down to 2°C (+0.2°C) with titanium heat exchanger;
  • Electronic controller and monitoring system (RF network included):
    • 1 Enviro-monitron®,
    • 1 DO probe,
    • 1 temperature probe,
    • 1 flow detector for each unit
    • 1 central computer,
    • Temperature and oxygen injection controlled;
  • One pressurised counter-current oxygen saturator with on-site oxygen generator;
  • 1 Security package:
    • 1 pressure relief valve,
    • electrical components (pump starter, temperature controller) are housed in NEMA-4 boxes;
  • 10 Trays with internal dividers (12 div./tray) and one movable fiberglass cabinet for 170 kg of lobster capacity, or three rows of 4 x Fish totes with built-in stand pipe and calibrated holes for 300 kg shellfish capacity.
Mandate: Conception
On-site supervision, commissioning and training

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